Did You Hug Your Lips Today?

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

So, I’m coming to you today to share some really extra Hydrating alternatives to your traditional “pick this up real quick” chapsticks located by the cash register in the drug stores in that little plastic holder thing. Now, I’m not throwing shade to those of you who love traditional chap sticks. There is nothing wrong with choosing to use them, but over here at KLSMUA, we are striving to upgrade your Beauty and Makeup lifestyle overall. Can we say Level Up!

Have you ever heard of or tried a Lip Scrub? Well, I have two great products to share with you. My first gem that I want to share is something that I’ve just discovered since I became a MaryKay Consultant. MaryKay has a great set to keep your lips kissably soft. The White Tea & Citrus Satin Lip Set does a great job of keeping my lips hydrated and moisturized even while wearing my mask during my work shifts. This is important because depending on the style of mask you’re currently wearing, if it rubs against your lips or face in general while you’re wearing it, the mask could more than likely smear your usual lip gloss, lip stick that you wear.

What’s so nice about this lip scrub and balm is while you wear it underneath your mask, the moisture that it provides to your lips is sustainable throughout the day. You can simply rub your lips together and it will still be there and not dry out. The hydration benefits of the product won’t be affected by the friction from your mask rubbing against your lips and face. Which to me is a great benefit as the weather gets colder.

The second product is a gem that I found via Flower Beauty. They created a lip mask that is a mixture of a lip oil and a lip tint. It provides nourishment while giving you a long wearing tint of color as well. It’s not the typical type of mask that you would have to use and wipe off afterwards. You can wear it as if you would your regular lip gloss, or lip balm.

This product is beyond emollient. It’s an extremely comforting lip treatment to wear and it gives your lips a nice hug of moisture and hydration throughout the wear of the product. If you’re anything like me and you like a natural tint or glowing apperance to your lips, it’s a great addition to add to your beauty arsenal. The lip mask is made up of mango and cocoa butters which soothe your lips and provide a surge of moisture while you wear it. It provides amazing softness with a subtle and natural glow to your already luscious kissable lips.

I hope you take a chance and try out a shade of either of these two great hydrating lip products. As always, I’m sending you good vibes and hope you stay safe, hydrated, and warm during these trying times. Until next time, be well and spread some love. It’s always in season to be kind.

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