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Do You Use This, or That?

Often when I ask people about what they’re using to apply their makeup they’ll answer with their fingers, or they'll say they have old brushes and seem not confident in their tools for a Makeup application or their ability to do the application. Most times, many of the errors some experience can be corrected with simple user friendly methods and more efficient tools to help master your look with confidence by practice. Practice makes you better, not perfect. If you’re attempting to give yourself a beat by the Gods you'll need effort and to get you some quality tools for the job. Below I’ve shared some insight to help you navigate the many tool options for makeup application

Let’s start with one of the more simpler options, the disposable sponge. Disposable Sponges are extremely universal in their use. You can apply almost anything in a comfortable, sanitary, blended way when using these disposable sponges. Your complexion, and even times some eye makeup can be done with a trusty disposable sponge and disposable applicators (for lips and eye shadow). Technique and how you hold the sponge/disposable is what will make or break your overall look.

If you're looking for an upgrade from just a regular sponge application you'll discover Beauty Blenders. Beauty Blenders are really the best, in my opinion, for applying and blending liquids, creams, and even cream to powder makeup products. You can also use them to set your makeup with loose, and pressed powders as well. They’re great for blending your complexion to perfection. Nothing is ever perfect but it sounds nice when you think about it.

I am honestly a Makeup Artist who practices and believes in simplicity when it comes to achieving a flawless finished look. What you are doing in the moment of your application will determine which brush you'd pick to use. A lot of people and professionals opt to use their hands to blend out product and/or apply certain types of makeup. In addition to various brushes, sponges, and even sometimes and in more recent times various disposable tools as well. The size of your eye and or face (area of concentration/canvas) will also be a factor in determining which tool you'll choose to use also.

In this link there are a few different brush sets I have added to my Amazon “Beauty List” for folks to get a good idea of where to start if you don’t have the right tools for the beat and want to get yourself right! Each kit has a set of great eyeshadow, eyeliner/eyebrow, and full face complexion brushes to help you achieve your look with the best application possible.

As always I hope this helps you narrow down your search for better tools for your Makeup applications and overall beauty routines. Be sure to keep checking back for more info on how to achieve your most flawless Skin and Makeup applications. Until next time; be well, stay safe, and spread some love while you're at it :)

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