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Dry, Itchy, or Flaky Scalp?

Hello March and hello Women's History Month. I'll just let that sentence linger for just a bit ... I'd like to highlight two great products I have been using by two great Black Women on the first day of this beautiful month of March in Women's History Month. I'm going to share how their products created a solution for me and how they could for you. I want to know does your hair ever lack luster at times? Or have you experienced having a dry and/or a flaky scalp even after you've shampooed and conditioned your hair? I've had these issues before and I thought that I dealt with it. It turns out stress can cause various reactions all over and throughout the body. Not to mention the use of certain ingredients within beauty products can also cause a not so great allergic reaction. My hair and scalp needed some TLC and I didn’t have a lot of time to do my usual wash day routine after I take my braids out. Instead this time I used my favorite co-wash, which is really the best 2 in 1 hair product I’ve ever used, and my new Rose Glow Scalp and Hair Treatment from the House of Bombshell hair care product line. I used my favorite co-wash from the MoKnowsHair product line. This co-wash is super hydrating and it feels and smells equally as luxurious. Wash day commenced!

I hadn’t done any type of exfoliation to my scalp in a little over 2 months. I wear braids most of the time because in my life, life without roller skating is no fun and since I sweat a lot while doing so, I wear braids and they're my go-to style of choice. I truly love it once I’ve put some fresh braids in, notice I said fresh! Fast forward, I used the Rose Glow Scalp and Hair Treatment for the first time, and my hair and scalp felt amazing during my wash and after my twist out.

Rose Glow is packed with tons of hydration via the fresh and beautiful rose petals inside the bottle, the Rose Geranium Hydrosol and coconut water. It then uses gentle acids like salicylic to aid with the exfoliation process. This product was thoughtfully created with the care of your hair's follicle in mind. Here’s a quick video showing you how to use the Rose Glow Scalp and Hair Treatment to incorporate it into your "quick wash" wash day routine.

As always I hope you stay well, stay blessed and stay safe, and keep your mane looking fresh. Click the links in the body of the blog to be taken to where you can purchase this product.

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