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Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice!

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

It's my favorite time of the year again, it's Fall! Even with everything it consist of including the confusing temperature changes that will happen everyday for the next two to three months, to the delightsome changing colors of the foliage outdoors, I'm excited about the energy that comes with the change. I'm especially excited about Beauty Regimen revamps.

Most of the times with the seasons changing it can cause our skin to go through many different changes at once. Whether it is the more popular of the concerns like having dry skin, or something as simple as still wanting to have a fresh glow as opposed to a dull complexion. I'm sure there is an area that has some room for improvement with your current or non-existing (no judgment here) Beauty routine.

I thought I'd share a few tips because I know there's someone, somewhere that may need some help with figuring out where to start with their big adventure down the rabbit hole of the world of Beauty Products. First, a good thing to do would be to figure out and understand your skin type and your skin concerns. Skin Concerns are more of what is specific to you and your exact needs. Your skin type will help you determine what category of products you'll begin to consider to try and buy.

Once you've taken care of learning what your skin concerns are and what category of products you'd need to choose from, the next phase would be to determine up to three to four products to begin implementing into your existing or new Beauty routine. Make certain that you are consistent (of course no irritation with the products being a factor) in the use of the products and taking your skin care routine to the next level.


As always, I'm here to assist and contribute in whatever way I can with your process. If you've made it this far I encourage you to subscribe to the email list. You'll receive a custom link(s) to view various Beauty Brands that I have either personally used, researched, and/or been trained and educated on in order to help consult with clients and empower them to make choices that cater to their specific needs and concerns with their skin and the Beauty products they wish to use. If you like what you see, feel free to try with the discount code provided to receive a percentage off your purchase. It is my gift to those of you who may need a bit of a boost of motivation and encouragement to when it comes to seeing some results from you fully caring for yourself and the skin that you're in.

Until next time, be well, spread love, and Happy Fall!

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#selfcare #skincare #winterbeautyblues #fallbeauty

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