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How To ...Properly Wash Your Makeup Brushes

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Here is a video showcasing how to properly shampoo, rinse, and hang dry your Makeup Brushes. I've listed the steps below in addition to the video for you to get the visual.

Step 1: Get your brushes out, get your soap out (liquid or solid, I prefer solid soaps), your rubber brush pad, and bowl with warm/hot water to dip your brushes in.

Step 2: Dip your brush in the water, dip it in your soap, scrub using your rubber brush pad, remember to be as gentle as possible while getting a good clean on your brushes, sit the brush to the side until you're ready to rinse.

Step 3: Rinse brushes hanging downward! Do your best to not let water run up into the area where the brush hairs and glue and handle meet. It is not a good thing and you don't want to mess your brushes up over time. You can use one of those electric makeup brush cleansers, for the most part it is still one brush at a time, and again, if they are your tools there is nothing wrong with being a little gentle with them to prolong the life of your makeup brush! ...Just saying.

Step 4: Hang Dry! I use the handy brush holder in the video above. You can find one of those and other great items like I used in the vidoe on my Amazon Beauty List here. If you don't have a brush holder you can always lay your brushes as best you can on an angle with a few paper towels underneath as they dry. Like in the photo below:

Step 5: Repeat as needed.

As always, I hope you're staying safe, being clean, and practicing being more compassionate in your ways of doing things with yourself and others. It's a jungle out there, and it's a cold one if you're on the East Coast. Be well.

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