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I'm Glowing, My Skin is Glowing!

So I've really been feeling the effects of constantly washing and sanitizing my hands. Am I alone? While working, both on set or while in store I'm washing my hands at least two to three times and using Hand Sanitizer about the same if not more times throughout my shift. I also, already needed some much needed moisture from skipping out on my DIY Manicure and Pedicure duties to myself!

I decided to become a bit more proactive and make sure I'm taking the time to not only clean, but moisturize and hydrate a little more than I normally would since I'm washing and sanitizing at a higher rate than usual. Below I'm sharing the products that I'm using and sharing the really good results and experience I'm having with them. I'm gonna start of with the star of the bunch, my All Natural Whipped SheaButter that I purchased from Whipped Appeal by Ms Greene.

I am not over exaggerating when I say this Whipped SheaButter is just what dry skin is thirsting for. The formula is so smooth, and absorbent it gives a beautiful oiled skin appearance with none of the greasy residue. I do suggest you give the product a few minutes to absorb before you put your clothes on. It layers quite nicely with perfumes and comes in a variety of scents. I got the Tea Tree and Rose scented butters and I mix it with my second stellar product to give my skin that GLOW I was raving about.

Next up is Shea Moisture's shinning new star, literally, it shines! It's the Glow Goddess Body Shimmer. I've paired this Body Shimmer with three different body moisturizers already

combined with each it's managed to make my skin look and feel like I've been laying in the sun without the harsh effects of UV rays and sun damage. I also pair this with the matching Body Cream from the line as well and it makes for an amazing skin smoothing and rich feel after each use. The product naturally exfoliates with Papaya, Vitamin C, and Yuzu Lemon and it layers really well with perfumes.

My final share worthy product in my quest to combat dry skin is Indie Lee's very own Squalane Oil. This product is great because it really does work well with and for all skin types. They are not just saying it. Granted, everything or product will NOT work for everyone, but there are those few products that are able to transcend to a wide range of skin concerns based on the ingredients and this is one of those products. With Squalane derived from Olives, this oil helps balance out the oil levels within skin, moisturize and hydrate the face, and even your cuticles. It really is a great oil to use alone or as an additional "cocktail" ingredient to any of your current face, body, or hand creams.

As always, I hope this helps you, or someone you know with narrowing down the many wonderful products at our fingertips within the wonderful World of Beauty. Until next time I hope for you to be well, be and stay hydrated, and give yourself just a little bit more love than you normally would for yourself and for the sake of those you love too.

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