Mother's Day Gifts For The Mom To Be

In an effort to keep this post short & sweet I'm going to list a few Mother's Day Gift Ideas for the expecting mother and some nice safe beauty products for her to use that won't bring harm to her or the baby.

First item on the list we have is the beautiful lipgloss shades from MaryKay. Mary Kay definitely has the spring season and Mother's Day in mind. Buying the beautiful mom to be this thoughtful gift not only helps bring a smile to her face, but also provides intense moisture to her lips from the Vitamin E & C ingredients. When you shop with Mary Kay it also helps to support two causes that empower women in major ways. When you buy "Pink Ballerina" and "Pink Fusion" from MaryKay you support their charitable efforts that provide funds to Domestic Violence survivors organizations and Women With Cancer Research organizations. Then there's the awesome shades of lipgloss as well, that's a double win!

The second great gift idea for the mom's to be is a copy of my digital download eBook, How To Do Natural Beauty Makeup: 101. This 6 step guide which includes a video tutorial that guides the reader through each step is packed with tons of beauty secrets to help the reader enhance their beauty, and allow them to learn the best way to apply makeup. If the reader is new to makeup application, or wanting to create a natural beauty look for an upcoming maternity shoot or intimate gathering such as the baby shower, she can feel at her best when she steps out because of this thoughtful gift.

The last gift idea on my list is a great add on to the eBook above. She's going to need some Makeup Brushes, why not get brushes that are gentle to the touch of the skin. They're not made with any harmful or irritating fibers that could cause breakouts or skin irritation from repeated use. These brushes are made of synthetic fibers and are easy to clean. They are also vegan which is safe and non-toxic making them a great beauty gift idea.

I wrote this gift giving guide with hopes that it will help you get a quality and thoughtful gift to put together for that special woman in your life. These gifts are great ideas for all women so lets think of any of the moms, sisters, cousins, or women in ministry that we know who would appreciate something practical and thoughtful for such an amazing day. Until next time, be well, stay hydrated, and wear your SPF, it's getting warmer out, which means the sun's out!

Happy Spring, and happy month of May! ;)

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