Self Love Isn't Selfish At All!

So the first week of February has come and made its mark. It is #LoveMonth and it seems some people are in love and enjoying this time and some people are still awaiting the love that they desire to come to fruition. I am a strong believer of making sure you love on yourself either way, no matter what. Despite the many post that talk about self care, I think it is important to understand why real, true, self care is really important especially in times such as these that we’re currently living in.

Self care can be a combination of different tasks, rituals, and practices that you do in order to keep yourself operating at the best level to be the best version of yourself. It can involve anything from personal beauty and grooming practices, in addition to something as simple as making the commitment to going to bed early and watching what you consume nutrition wise and literary wise.

In order to really begin to love yourself if you haven’t already started your journey or happened to just come straight out of the womb gushing and dripping in self love and self worthiness, you must do your best to take a moment and tune in to what it is that you know works for you. You must figure out what you need to do to keep you feeling and operating at your best.

In doing this, do not be afraid of taking the time you must in order to tune in to your feelings both current and over time. Journaling can be a great way of monitoring your process as well as your practices. It can help you identify what really is working for you and what doesn't.

Another practice you could try is trying new hobbies, or taking yourself on a not so normal adventure. Doing activities like these can help you tune in to yourself as well. You begin to learn what you like, what you don’t like, and what you’re willing to deal with verses what you are not. This can also help you determine what you want to allow yourself to be apart of and embark on and what you do not. It is all a process of deductive reasoning that helps you logically identify what is best for you.

If this all sounds intimidating or unattainable I invite you to visit my website shop (just click the "shop" button in the top right of your screen) to download a free ePlanner PDF print out (it can be used digitally as well) that can help you start with the necessary questions you need to start asking yourself and help you log your daily practices as well.

In that same space you will also find some good beauty goodies that you can get to love on your skin as well. Good Skin care practices, even if simple and vain, are a good way to start towards some self care for yourself. As always I wish you health, wealth, peace, and love. Until next time, love on yourself, and find a way to enjoy your days. Be well.

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