To Hydrate vs Moisturize, ...which is which?

Here I go, just rattling off and talking about skin concerns and skin types again. With all of the products advertised on daily basis through many different means it can be quite a task in figuring out which product is the right product for you. In addition to figuring out whether you need a Hydrating product versus a Moisturizing product, you'll need to identify your Skin Type.

If you have a Dry and/or Dry to Normal Skin Type ideally you'd search for a product that helps your skin retain and lock in that much needed moisture. Start your search for a Moisturizer to use both day and night, or specifically at night if you choose to use another product for your SPF during the day alone or under your Makeup if that's your thing. :) As you're going throughout your day, you want to make sure your product is able to draw in moisture from the air-that's Hydration! This is where you can incorporate using a Hydrating SPF or Hydrating Primer under your Makeup for the day part of your regimen. At night is where you can focus on treating the dryness and locking in moisture. Adding in the use of a serum alone or with a Moisturizing Night Cream is an option.

Some recommendations for really good Moisturizers and Hydrators can be found in IndieLee's product line. A favorite of mine is the Squalane Facial Oil that is great for all Skin Types. The oil absorbs into the skin really well and can be used underneath Makeup to help reduce the appearance of fine lines while providing some moisture. Another favorite is their Soothing Cleanser that works to melt away any Makeup and impurities from the day while providing some gentle exfoliation (y'all know how I feel about exfoliation), and adding moisture and hydration to your skin throughout the day and/or night. It's amazing for all Skin Types and Sensitive skin as well.

As usual I hope this helps in narrowing down what type of products to look for when you're in-store shopping or online shopping for your Beauty and Skin Care. Let me know what questions you may have about Skin Care regimens or questions about products you're currently using in your regimen or may want to try out. Comment below, and until next time, be well.

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