Ways To Calm Heat Rash or Irritation

It’s still #summer and it is still very hot and muggy outside. Hot summer days can have our skin reacting to the elements in some heavy sinister ways. If you’ve been having some heat rash flare ups or your skin has been reacting to the hot weather in harsh ways this list of practices and products you could incorporate to soothe and calm your skin is for you!

To start, try the simple task of taking a nice, luke warm, shower or bath. It is number one on the list and so simple for anyone to be able to implement. Clean skin is healthy skin. Be sure to avoid using heavy oils or products with heavy oils in the ingredients as it could prolong the inflammation and irritation happening on your skin. Invest in products made with #EssentialOils. If you do decide to try the Essential Oils by itself, be sure to use only just a few drops in your bath as you could end up causing more skin irritation if you happen to be heavy handed and end up using too much of the essential oil.


A good practice is to use Essential Oils with a carrier oil to avoid creating any additional irritation to your skin. Make an effort to avoid the heavier oils like #CoconutOil and #OliveOil as they can clog your pores. Some #lightoils that are good to use for hydrating and to use as #carrieroils are #AlmondOil, and #GrapeSeedOil. You can mix the light oil with essential oils such as Lavender, Tea Tree, or Rosemary Oil based on what skin concern you’re looking to address at the time.

Each oil will provide a different benefit to the skin. Using more #NaturalBodySoaps with various types of Essential Oils and skin benefiting ingredients is a great way to consistently care for your skin in and to gently relieve yourself from the itch of a #heatrash. Not only will it help to soothe the rash/irritation to your skin, but it will also benefit your skin in great ways based on what type of soap and the ingredients that you choose.

Natural soaps, mask, and lotions all act as topical treatments for the skin. Choose one, or one of each to treat what is concerning you at the time.

As always, I thank you for stopping by, and I hope this helps you to navigate this big world of beauty and to continue to beat the summer heat! Be well, be loving, and stay safe!

Until next time.

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