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KLSMUA is a licensed Beauty and Grooming Self Care Consulting Firm that strives to help anyone who is a beginner looking to understand how to choose proper Beauty and Grooming products for themselves in a highly saturated and confusing industry.

The firm was created by a Natural Beauty and FX Makeup Artist by the name of Keyonna Latrice Stewart. Keyonna has over eleven years of Makeup Artistry and Beauty knowledge and has always had a passion for helping individuals figure out how to know what to buy for their at home beauty & grooming needs. She also helps with demonstrating how to best use the products as well. 

The KLSMUA brand consists of eBooks to help with sharing knowledge of specific Beauty topics, a Digital PDF Planner to help track product use and journal your experience, select Beauty Tools, and scheduled Consultations to help clients implement the necessary changes within their Beauty and Grooming routines or create one where it may not have existed before.

At KLSMUA, we believe a great Makeup starts with better Skin Care & Self Care! True Beauty is achieved from the inside out and it is our job at KLSMUA to help you as our client get closer to your daily Beauty and Grooming goals all while helping you reshape your mindset around how you consume products via the Beauty and Cosmetic Industry. We're here to help you nourish and reveal an even more polished version of yourself.

You can see more about Keyonna's Beauty experience via her online portfolio page here.

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